Saturday, April 07, 2007

News about our trash!

Coming Soon - Cleaner, More Modern Trash Collection!

On July 3, 2006 City Council approved revisions to the existing solid waste contract with Rainbow Disposal to allow Rainbow to implement automated trash collection in Huntington Beach. This modern new system will bring Huntington Beach's recycling efforts to a higher level of efficiency. What does this mean for Huntington Beach residents?There will be no change to the existing trash rate. Residential curbside collection customers will receive 3 new, heavy-duty 95-gal. wheeled trash carts from Rainbow Disposal-one each for recyclables, green waste, and trash. Residents will be expected to participate in the recycling effort by sorting their waste into the proper carts. Households will have the option to choose a smaller container size, and to request additional recyclable or green waste carts at no extra charge, subject to program regulations and limitations. Additional trash carts will also be available, subject to program regulations and limitations and a one-time fee of $75. The cart sizes and dimensions are: 95-gallon cart: 45.38" high x 28.70" wide x 33.75" deep65-gallon cart: 40.125" high x 26.50" wide x 28.11" deep35-gallon cart: 39.13" high x 20" wide x 22.96" deep(The depth refers to the dimension of the cart from front to back. Wheels in back.) When will the new collection system begin?The new collection method is scheduled to begin in mid-2007. Why doesn't the city just start the new system now?The city cannot begin automated collection until its contractor, Rainbow Disposal, has the proper fleet and facilities in place. Rainbow is in the process of remodeling and modernizing its Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to accommodate source-separated recyclables. Additionally, Rainbow has ordered a new fleet of quiet, low-emissions trash trucks, which will be equipped with a hydraulic arm to lift the large capacity trash carts. Why will residents be charged for recycling if they are sorting their own trash?The existing rate structure will not change, including the $3.00 recycling fee. With the new system, residents will be expected to separate recyclable materials from the trash, and place all recyclables in the blue recycling cart. These commingled recyclables must still be sorted and processed by type (paper, glass, various plastics, aluminum, etc.) at the MRF. The fee will continue to pay for the cost of processing recyclables at the MRF. The advantage of the new system is that contamination will be greatly reduced, which allows Rainbow to recover more material. The result is less waste to the landfill and increased recycling for Huntington Beach. What will residents do with their bulky items, such as appliances and furniture?The city recognizes that Huntington Beach residents will need a method to dispose of excess waste and oversized items. The new agreement with Rainbow establishes the new "10/4 Pick-up Program," which will allow households to schedule special collections of up to 10 items per appointment. Each household may do this 4 times per year. Qualifying items include excess trash bags (that won't fit in the trash cart), appliances, furniture, and mattresses.