Friday, September 20, 2013

Get great kites and flags on the HB Pier!!

Hey HB friends: The flag / kite guy on the pier posted two HB flags and is currently taking pre-orders. He has been out of stock for months! He wasn't planning on ordering more because it takes so long to sell them. (He gets mostly out of towners who don't want our HB flags!) I think there are enough proud HB people that want to display an HB flag that we can sell these out easily. I usually buy 2 a year to always have a nice looking one flying. If you are interested in getting a flag (or two) please place your pre-order now. The faster he reaches his target amount of pre-orders, the sooner we all get our flags! Thanks for supporting an HB small business. Go search "surf city". That will take you to the page to choose between the flags available for pre-order. IF YOU PLAN TO PICK UP FLAGS IN PERSON:
use PROMO CODE: "freehb" at checkout (if you are ordering ONE flag, and you will get a discount equivalent to the shipping (within a penny or so). If you are ordering MORE than one, DO NOT USE THE PROMO CODE, shipping will automatically be FREE. Happy Shopping!