Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays Huntington Beach

If you have some last minute shopping to do, and would like to save a little money doing so, don't forget to check out - plenty of HB businesses have savings to be had and many of them offer gift certificates! The newest folks to join the program since my last 'blast' are: Sea Siam Thai Restaurant, Salon Ambiance, Grady's Window Cleaning, Jolly Deluxe Spa, Lucy's Tailoring, The Hair-Do & Threading Salon, and Avon. Plenty of options for gifts at those businesses plus the many more that are now on the site. Help keep our spending dollars local and support fellow Huntington Beach businesses.
There are plenty of activities going on for New Years Eve around town, but what about New Years Day? What do you have planned to start off the New Year? How about a plunge into the ocean? The Annual HB Surf City Splash is a refreshing way to start 2010. You can start your day with an all-you-can-eat Pancake Breakfast (9:30 - 11:30 in front of Zack's) put on by the Lions Club. It is $5 donation for the breakfast and goes directly to Lions Clubs charities, one of which is the HB International Surfing Museum. At 12 noon, take a run out in to the chilly Pacific! To participate officially and receive their certificate, it is a d onations of $10. For those who want to commemorate the event, but are not crazy enough to jump into the ocean, Certificates of Sanity will be available for donations of $15! All of which goes to the charities. More info at
One last,,, just in case,,,, if you do too much partying on New Years and find yourself in a jam, I've got a buddy who can help you out. Rod Frontino with Awesome Bail Bonds , at 714-944-6126 or 888-877-BAIL (2245) is the one you want to call. He does what it takes to help out and is available 24 hours a day. Hopefully you'll never need him, but his info is good to keep in hand - just in case!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Shopping in Huntington Beach

Time is running short for holiday shopping. Have you taken care of yours? If you are still looking for ideas, here are a few that maybe can help you out.
Ever been to Absolutely Fabulous ? Located at 6026 Warner Ave (at Springdale), you fill truly find fabulous gifts. This store is a treasusre for "finds". They have the most unique items in their store. You've got to give them a visit. You won't be dissapointed. How about giving someone a tour on a Segway? What is a Segway some of you might ask? Check out GW Tours - and check it out. Take a tour that includes lunch or dinner, or ride the sand at low tide. VERY fun stuff. They are located at 300 PCH, Ste 111. Maybe you want to give something more relaxing? Consider giving a gift certificate for a refelxology massage. I go to Salon Ambiance at 5075 Warner Ave. (714-846-5900). Real nice facility and their folks do a great job on the massage. at $25/hr you can't beat the price. And it is not just about the feet!! By the way, if you need that hair all fixed up for the holiday, their salon is filled with wonderful stylists. They always seem to be busy - that tells you something! They definitely have experts for the cut & color. Want to keep it more simple? Visit Blastoff ( to do your shopping online. Lots of shopping opportunities and even cash back on purchases. If food is more your style there is a great variety of places you could pick up a gift certificate for - or just go in and take a break for dinner! Chimayo at the Beach , 315 PCH, has their $10 specials for December. Unbelievable value and scrumptous food. They also have a great happy hour. You might also consider them for your New Year's Eve, they have a fun evening planned. 374-7273 Gallagher's Pub , 300 PCH, Ste 113, is a good choice for an authentic Irish meal. Also lots of specials and just about every night something is going on there. 536-2422 Maybe you are in the mood for some excellent New York deli style food? Tommy Pastrami , 18001 Beach Blvd, has sandwiches that will satify all those tastebuds. You can also have them cater your holiday event. 848-4567 A kick back sports bar with darn good food will lead you to Octane Alley (formerly Martini Blues), 5874 Edinger Ave, They also put on a pretty good comedy night. 840-2129 More authentic food can be found at Old World , 7561 Center Ave, fill up on a German feast there. They host other events at the festival hall, make a visit and see all there is there. 893-0112 Finally, Flight Bistro and Social Lounge , 8082 Adams, is definitely worth a visit. A very different feel than a lot of HB restaurants. A very classy place with unique and real tasty food. Pop in to fill up during their Frugal Hour, a definate happy hour must. take a break, do up the "happy" and walk away with a gift certificate for someone's xmas stocking. 374-8300
phew, I think that is enough suggestions for now. Some of these places can be found on where you can download discount coupons and save some money around HB.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Travel Tips for Safety, Security and Health

(Thanks to Sunset Survival & First Aid for this info)
Holiday travel tips and simple steps travelers can take to prevent the spread of the flu:
“Following these simple travel tips will help expedite the screening process at airports and keep travelers healthy and safe throughout the holiday travel season.”
TSA’s holiday travel tips will help decrease the amount of time passengers spend in line at airport security checkpoints, increase the overall efficiency of airport operations and enhance security by engaging passengers in the shared responsibility of watching out for suspicious activity at airports across the nation.
TSA Travel Tips
· Pay attention to your health before traveling
o The best way to prevent the spread of the flu is to stay home if you’re sick or have flu-like symptoms.
o The CDC recommends you get both H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines.
· Practice good hygiene while traveling
o Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.
o Wash your hands regularly to help prevent the spread of germs and illness.
· Ensure your government-issued ID and boarding pass are out and ready
o Getting all travel documents together and ready before you get in line will help security officers quickly verify that you, your identification, and your boarding pass match and are valid.
· Wear easily removable shoes and jackets
o Wearing footwear that can be easily removed helps speed the process for X-ray screening. Be prepared to remove all shoes, jackets and other outerwear for screening.
· Take out liquids and laptops
o Remember the 3-1-1 rule for liquids, gels and aerosols at the checkpoint:
- 3-ounce bottles or less for all liquids, gels and aerosols;
- 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic zip-top bag; and
- 1 bag per passenger placed separately in a security bin for X-ray screening.
o The liquid restriction applies only to carry-on bags. Passengers can pack larger quantities of liquids and gels in checked baggage.
o Be prepared to remove your laptop from its case and place it in separate bin for X-ray screening.
· Use TSA Family Lanes if you or your family needs extra time or assistance
o Last year, TSA expanded its popular Family Lanes to every security checkpoint in the United States.
o Family Lanes allow infrequent travelers, those with small children or passengers who need additional assistance to move through security at their own pace. Officers in these lanes work with passengers to screen medically necessary items like baby formula and insulin.
· Keep an eye out for suspicious activity
o Transportation security is a shared responsibility. The traveling public plays an important role in keeping holiday travel safe.
o Travelers should report all suspicious activities or items to airport security personnel.
· Remember TSA’s new Secure Flight program when booking new airline tickets
o Fulfilling a key 9/11 Commission recommendation, TSA is working with airlines to implement Secure Flight.
o Secure Flight prescreens passenger name, date of birth and gender against government watch lists for domestic and international flights—making travel safer and easier by keeping known or suspected terrorists from obtaining a boarding pass.
o In addition, Secure Flight helps prevent the misidentification of passengers who have names similar to individuals on government watch lists.
o When booking airline tickets, use your name as it appears on the government ID you plan to use when traveling—along with your date of birth and gender. Providing this information will clear 99 percent of travelers to print boarding passes at home.
o Airlines are phasing in this program; if you are not prompted for this information when booking travel or if there are small variations between your name and your reservation, don’t worry—you will still be able to travel.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday Boutique in Huntington Beach - a Fundraiser for Relay for Life

How about some holiday shopping and have it be with a purpose! Come on down to Old World on Saturday, December 12, noon to 5pm for their Holiday Event. All kinds of fun stuff going on: craft vendors, decorate ornaments and stockings, virtual snowboard machine, pedi-cab rides to and from Bella Terra, raffle & more...
And for the part with a purpose: The American Cancer Society Relay for Life will be joining forces with old world to have a fundraising holiday boutique with crafts, products and food. Merchants who wish to participate can have a booth space in the Relay section for free as long as they donate back 20% of the event profit to the Relay. How cool is that? Merchants can get some great exposure for their business while they do something good for charity at the same time. And all the rest of you, make sure to come on down and buy, buy, buy -what an opportunity to do some holiday shopping. There is bound to be some special surprises there too! If you are interested in participating, open this link for the flyer and vendor form:
If you have a place of business, please post the flyer so everyone will know about the event. If you'd like to know more about what the Relay for Life is all about, visit: Everyone I know, including myself, have been touched by cancer in some way. Help us to make a difference in the fight against this terrible disease.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Businesses to be Found on the Huntington Beach Surf City Savings Discount Program

The Surf City Savings Discount Program is coming along nicely. We've recently had some new vendors come on board. This site is an effort by the city of HB to help keep our spending dollars local. It is free for the businesses participating in the program to offer a incentive on the site. When you are out and about, feel free to mention the program to any business owners you know so they can get involved too.
The businesses most recently added to the site are: Body & Sol Tanning Center, Absolutely Fabulous Unique Gifts & Decor, Avis Car Rental, Main Street Hair Company, Bethany Owen Woman of 1001 Voices & Faces and Fresch Electric Bikes. Go to the site, and click on participants to see what they and all the others have to offer. Print out the discounts, use them and save!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Getting Tan in Huntington Beach - look good all winter long!

There is no reason to not look good with some color on our skin all winter long. At Body and Sol tanning Centers, you have all you need to do that! At Body and Sol Tanning Centers, each room is a comfortable private air conditioned oasis. They provide a spotlessly sanitized and clean environment providing fresh towels, tissues, make-up removers and spray deodorant for your use. Their staff is friendly, courteous and very helpful in designing your tanning experience. They carry a full line of indoor, outdoor and self-tanning lotions and moisturizers. Featuring Designer Skin, Supre, Devoted Creations, Pro Tan, Australian Gold, California Tan and Mystic Tan products.

Two location to serve you: 15053 Goldenwest St., Huntington Beach, 92647. Phone: 714-895-4440

or 6958 Katella Ave. Cypress, 90630. Phone: 714-895-6141

Save Money Have Fun on The Road with HB Scooters in Huntington Beach

HB Scooters is a newer scooter, electric bicycle and moped dealership here in Huntington Beach! Gas 50cc and 150cc scooters, really cool electric bicycles (no gas), and Ridley mopeds. HB Scooters is a full service dealership that services what we sell. From everyone I've talked to, they are the only place they take their scooter to be serviced. They Located in the Warner Springdale shopping center, 5960 Warner Ave, on the opposite end of the center behind Fritzankotter's Deli. They can be reached at 714.840.8090 or visit them on the web at: - there are definitely some fun rides there!

Hey Huntington Beach, Here are Some Tips and Tricks for Advanced Surfers

To put matters into perspective, California is to surfing what the Himalayas are to mountain climbing. Indeed, California, which is located along the beautiful southwest coastline of the United States, is the de facto home of surfing in respect to the sport`s global commercialisation and growing popularity. As the most populous, fashionable and third largest state in the US, California is a major destination for all kinds of people from all over the world. However, the so-called `Golden State` is most commonly regarded as a surfing mecca by hundreds of thousands of dedicated surfers who make their way to the state on a regular basis. Renowned for its golden sands, regular hot sunshine, beautiful people and challenging swells, California is a true haven for surfers.

As might be expected of such a popular surfing destination, California is home to some of the world`s finest surfing spots. Surfrider Beach in Malibu, for instance, is notable for its exceptional waves that can be ridden for almost half a mile in perfect conditions. Furthermore, Surfrider Beach is home to a large community of muscular male surfers, model-hot females, A-list Hollywood stars and a handful of hardened professional surfers. In short, Surfrider Beach is a little on the crowded side but nonetheless thoroughly entertaining. By contrast, San Onofre State Beach is one of the most friendly surfing destinations in California for beginners. Moreover, its easy-breaking waves are a delight for novice surfers, who will also appreciate the renowned party atmosphere that precludes the otherwise ubiquitous `locals only` mentality.

Although there are many other top surfing destinations in California that are suitable for both beginners and advanced professional surfers, the Golden State does demand a certain level of quality in respect to aesthetic appearance and physical grace. Indeed, the body beautiful is a default standard for beach-bound Californians and it is also essential that every aspect of a surfer`s ability to ride the waves looks good too. Therefore, learning a few tips and tricks for advanced surfers is likely to impress even the most hardened of spectating Californians.

Hitting the lip is one of the first moves that will be performed on a short board and it basically involves accelerating up the face of a wave before hitting its lip and then surfing back down. This move can look more impressive than it actually is but is also a great deal of fun to perform. The frontside roundhouse, frontside bottom turn, frontside snap, backside roundhouse, cutback, floaters and the layback snap are all other examples of tricks for advanced surfers.

However, it is important not to rush straight into any such tricks without first observing other professional surfers and taking qualified professional instruction. Indeed, surfing remains a dangerous outdoor adventure activity that must be undertaken with great care and skill. Furthermore, it is necessary to wear appropriate gear, clothing and equipment on any surfing adventure, which will include items of safety such as a concealed pocket knife. Surfing in such a fashionable and highly populated area as California also requires suitable clothing to be worn when not on the waves, such as items from the popular animal surf range.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Benefit For Others, A Benefit For You

Do something to benefit others, then do something to benefit you!

Tomorrow night (Wed, 28th), Salon Cache (5940 Warner Ave, at Springdale) will be hosting an Evening of Wine, Women & Hope ! of course it is not just open to women! Salon Cache and Breast Cancer Angels came together to help raise funds for women with breast cancer. From 5pm to 8pm, go in to enjoy (suggested donation of $10) wine tasting (courtesy of Mr. Kegs), food,raffle prizes and everyone who attends receives a certificate for a complimentary blowdry & style. More info at, 714-840-0026.

That was something to help others,,,now how about a benefit for yourself? Have you heard of Blasoff yet? Blastoff is your launch pad to the Internet which can be customized with your favorite news, music, videos, blogs, social networks, and shopping, all in one place! Blastoff also pays you when you shop online - not kidding! Shop from over 400 retailers like Target, Macy's, Best Buy, or like you normally would, and get paid cash back just for being a Blastoff member. And when you launch your network by inviting your friends, you'll get paid when they make purchases online too! So sign up, save money, have fun, and make money! Your Blastoff membership is FREE! Check it our here:

Have a great rest of the week, and hope to see some of you HB folks make it up to Long Beach for the 21st Annual Halloween BOO that I throw. has all the info!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

events going on in Huntington Beach

Here is the info I sent out in my last newsletter.... There's some fun stuff going on in Huntington Beach.

First, Gallaghers (downtown HB) has been implementing a lot of changes and now they have even more entertainment than ever. Pop in on any Wednesday night, 6:30 - 9:30, to enjoy some Jazz! Performing is Elaine Miles and special guest guitarist John Chiodini. Go for the Jazz, stay for the great food & spirits.

On Thursday night, you really do need visit Absolutely Fabulous, 6026 Warner Ave. (at Springdale). They are having a ribbon cutting at 5pm for their expansion, more than doubling their space. They are truly a fabulous shop, filled with unbelievable and unique gift items. And at 6:30, world renowned sculptor, Randy Cooper will be doing a live demonstration of his work. Mr. Cooper is best-known for his unique "shadow sculptures." Each sculpture is crafted by hand, without molds, from wire mesh to form beautiful human figures, animals or abstract forms. The form is brought to life by a source of light over the sculpture, onto a canvas. The public is welcome and it will be worth the visit, I've seen Mr. Coopers work - very impressive!

If you missed Bethany Owen (woman of 1001 Voices and Faces) when she performed over Labor Day weekend, will have another chance to see this talented and funny lady! She will be performing on the 23rd & 24th (6pm) at Baci, 18784 Beach Blvd. It's dinner & a show, which includes Antipasto House Salad Baci, Filet Mignon Rossini or Salmone s/Champagne Sauce, Tiramisu desert. Reservations or more info: 714-965-1194 or

It's not too late to catch Oktoberfest either. Running two more weeks (last day, Nov 1). Old World Festival Hall (on Center behind Bella Terra) is where you will find all the beer and fun you can handle. I've been twice now - one time I even had the VIP area for all my friends. Talk to them about renting one of their VIP areas. So nice to have a place to sit when ever you want! And still so close to the dance floor to get out and chicken dance! All the info (and discounts) can be on their site:

Finally, you know what is around the corner don't you? Halloween of course. Did you know I throw an annual party? Of course my HB locals are welcome, the only problem is you have to venture in to Long Beach for the party. (I have yet to find a place that can accommodate me here.) It is the 21st Annual Halloween BOO with about 300 people attending. Live band & DJ (two areas for dancing), food, tarot cards, professional photographer, tons of decorations. The party is Friday, October 30, 8pm - 2am at Berth 55 Queens Wharf (555 Pico Ave, Long Beach). It is only $20 in advance ($25 a the door). Get all the details at: . And if you still need a costume, I totally recommend Bianca's Costumes : . Most are historical, but there are so many looks she can create - she is so creative and you'll be the best dressed at your Halloween gig. Check it out!

Need some sprucing up of your house?

If you are in the market for some excellent finish carpentry, then Nedelec Construction is the place to go. Dave Nedelec has done a lot of work in our home - crown molding, baseboards, fireplace mantels, casing, etc. He is reasonable and does great work. you can see pictures of the work he has done at Contact him at 714-848-9273. In this day of folks finding it not the right time to move in to a new home, take the option of making their existing one nicer. Some finish carpentry is a great way to go.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Huntington Beach's own Bethany Owen's show "One Voice" was a great performance

Bethany Owen had her show "One Voice" this past weekend, and what a great show it was! Her voice impressions are spot on. We were laughing so hard I had tears running down my face! When she has another show, you want to make sure you put it on your calendar and see her. Of course you can find her schedule on her site:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Stuff going on Labor Day weekend in Huntington Beach

Labor Day weekend is only a week away, are you staying in town? If so, I’ve got a couple of ideas for you to keep you entertained next weekend.

First on Saturday night the 5th, I’m going to be going to the Bethany Owen show “One Voice”. This woman is full of talent. She is a one woman show doing impersonations of many female celebrities. The show is full of comedy and vocal tributes to these superstars. Bethany is a HB local, so come out and show her some support. The show is at 8pm at the Star Performing Arts Center in Fountain Valley, only $20 per person. You can get more info about Bethany at And to buy tickets, the best way is to visit the site: The number is 714-418-2499 if you prefer. Hope to see some of you there!

Then on Sunday, September 6 from 2pm to 6pm, why not get on down to opening day of Oktoberfest at Old World Village Festival Hall. It is a great deal at $10 which includes dinner. Also that day you will enjoy Dachshund Races, German music, prizes & drawings and so much more. Tickets are being sold through the Therapeutic Riding Center and you can find more info & get tickets on their site: Please check them out, they are such a worthwhile organization!

In between these activities, don’t forget down at the pier is the annual Baordfest. You will get surf, skate, snow all in one festival. Plus music, fashion and interactive exhibits. It runs the 3 days of the long weekend, and you can get more info at
Finally, if you find yourself downtown during the weekend, or any time for that matter, pop in to Gallaghers – they are on Walnut just east of Main (their address shows as 300 PCH, #113 however). This little Irish pub is a nice hang out for locals. The new owners have brought in a new chef and the food is worth a visit! Plus there are awesome beers as well as nightly shows (music, karaoke, comedy,etc). You can find their whole entertainment schedule at their site:

Have fun what ever you choose to do Labor Day weekend (and be safe!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Huntington Beach local, Bethany Owen (Woman of 1001 Voices & Faces) will be performing local Labor Day weekend.

A shout out for one of our HB locals: Bethany Owen is called the Woman of 1001 Voices and Faces. She is a rare and unique blend of talent to the world of voice impressionists. Her one-woman show "ONE VOICE" celebrates the zany and fun side of celebrity personalities through the use of comedic parody and musical vocal tributes to some of the world's most legendary female superstars of our time. Their look, body language and facial expressions are brought to life through her quick costume and wig changes done right in front of the audience. Check out her show Labor Day weekend (Saturday, Sept 5). You won't want to miss it. You can get all the show details on her website:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun in the sun in Huntington Beach

Once again 4th of July in Huntington Beach was day packed full of fun. We added a lot of pictures of the parade and fireworks to the site, so check out to view the albums.
If you've been downtown this week, you've noticed all the commotion going on at the beach around the pier, so you know what that means…. The US Open of Surfing is coming to town. From this Friday, the 17th to July 26 our city will see over 500,000 visitors come to this sports fest comprised of surfing competitions, skateboard, FMX and BMX bike demos, fashion shows, and the popular annual Festival Surfers Village. For more info, visit:
Here's a fun little activity you might want to check out before hitting the Surf Open, Old World is hosting an interactive comedy murder mystery dinner show! This Friday night. It's called Hollywood Confidential and from what I've been hearing, it is quite the hit. It might not be too late to get reservations for this Friday, find out by calling 714-538-6080.
How about this summer idea: turn that back yard into a tropical paradise with some fun accessories. Or maybe you have a tropical tiki party in the planning. Bensons Tropical Sea Imports has everything you could want to transform your place. They carry all kinds of quality tropical & nautical decor for decorating. They have life-like palm trees, fish nets, tikis, masks, luau accessories and other exotic decorative arts, more than I could ever list here. Check out all they have on their website: - they happen to be located right here in HB.
Get out and enjoy this perfect Surf City weather!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Huntington Beach local places in Miss California Pageant

(from in Los Angeles)

Monica Stainer, a 15-year-old honors student from Huntington Beach, was crowned Friday night as Miss California Outstanding Teen 2009.
She serves as a student body officer at Edison High School in Huntington Beach, where she maintains a 4.4, straight-A grade point average and is active in cheerleading and other campus activities.
In high school, she has earned the Character Coalition Award and the Marine Biology and World History awards.
At the time of her crowning, she was Miss City of Los Angeles Outstanding Teen. She has also served as Miss Beach Cities.
Monica is an accomplished ballet dancer, attending the Southland Ballet Academy and placing high in ballet competitions.
She ran on an environmental awareness platform.
Her goal is to become chief financial officer of a Fortune 500 company.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do something good to help someone with cancer while having a great night of fun doing so! Monday night, the 29th, at Gallaghers downtown HB there will be a fundraiser for Rene Benson who was recently diagnosed with cancer. There will be a raffle for some great prizes donated from the local restaurants and retailers, and the famed blues guitarist Joe Wood will be doing a live performance. Great raffle items include stuff donated from Duke's, Billabong, Aloha Grill, Hurley, Sharkeez, Tuna Town, Sullen and so much more. Why not make Gallaghers your destination for dinner and a show this Monday night.

Have you wondered through Old World Village lately?? There are a number of quality businesses that make Old World their home - it is worth a visit. Of course, one that often pops to everyone's mind is the Old World German Restaurant. You can enjoy traditional German home cooking as well as American specialties. But did you also know you can rent out the beer garden or restaurant for your banquet & party needs? Next to the restaurant you will find their store filled with authentic German items - including their famous apple strudel, tortes, fresh made breads and more. Reach them at 714-893-0112 or

Old World, along with Bella Terra & 5 Points, is also part of the new discount program sponsored by the city: . Find all kinds of discounts you can use at some of your favorite spots around town. Check out the site, print out some of those discounts to use and help to keep our spending dollars local.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Upstairs Salon in Huntington Beach offers everything you'd want in a salon

The Upstair Salon is located at 7561 Center Ave. #45 - in Old World Village. They will make sure you look & feel your best. They offer custom colors & weaves, designer cuts, nails, eyelash perming, permanent hair removal, permanent make-up, brow & lash tinting, waxing, facials, chemical peels, hot oil & paraffin dips, spa pedicures. Truly a full service salon! Stop by and say hello to Ursula, the owner. They can be reached at 714-897-5307 .

Make sure to visit the new Mazda dealership in Huntington Beach

The new Huntington Beach Mazda is located at 16800 Beach Blvd. (714-848-7739)
At HB Mazda they don’t just offer you award winning cars (Consumer Reports recommends our full line-up!), but more importantly, award winning service. John Patterson's Huntington Beach Mazda, of the OC Mazda Family, is proud to be the recipient of the President's Club Award, the Gold Cup Award, winners of the Top Work Places award, and extremely proud to pay it forward. For every car purchased, $50.00 is donated to local charities. To date, over $400,000 has been donated to local Orange County Charities! Stop by and get to know them, they are a great bucnh of folks. as their motto states: "At Huntington Beach Mazda every customer is treated like a member of our family". Visit them on the web at:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father's Day in Huntington Beach

Time for Father's Day already! Where is time going??
There are a couple of places would like to recommend for Father's Day this weekend. Depending on what you are in the mood for. First, up at Old World (7561 Center Ave. at the beer garden) you can treat your dad to some champagne brunch and belly dancing!! All you can eat for only $22, and you get a great show! Reservations are required, so call them at 714-895-8020. (and more info at )
Or If you are downtown you can pop into Gallaghers for a BBQ on their patio - yes, just for Father's Day - enjoy some great food and outdoor HB. They are located at 300 PCH, Ste 113 although they really are on Walnut just east of Main. Give them a call to see what they have on their menu or to make reservations: 714-536-2422.

When you are done with your Father's Day breakfast/brunch, head on down to the Pier for the “Chili at the Beach” ( ). All kinds of festivities are planned at this free event - and of course my volunteer group, the Huntington Beach Lions, will be out there. Please stop by and say hi. There is stuff going on Sunday as well. A full weekend of fun!

Hey, good news if you like to network on Thursday instead of Tuesday mid day - the RBN group has moved back to their original meeting day - this week, Thursday the 18th meet & network with fellow business professionals. 11am to 1:30pm at the Skylinks Golf Course, 4800 East Wardlow. This networking group draws from not only Huntington Beach, but also Long Beach, Seal Beach and surrounding communities. Mini expo (display tables available), great guest speaker & lunch. Bring plenty of business cards! Rsvp your spot at

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Surf City Savings - a new discount program for locals in Huntington Beach

The city has launched a new discount program called Surf City Savings to encourage people to shop locally. Merchants displaying the Surf City Saving logo will offer discounts to customers.
Participating stores include many from Bella Terra, Old World Village and 5 Points Plaza. After the initial test run, it will go city wide. The program was initiated by Councilman Joe Carchio and supported by the City of HB and and is free for merchants to participate.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Huntington Beach mixer for fun, networking and more

"Locals Supporting Locals" mixer - Thursday, April 30 - 6:00 pm to 7:30 pmJoin your fellow local businesses and Surf City residents for an evening of Food, Fun and Friends at this special VIP Networking Event and private preview party. Located at the all new HB Mazda Retail Revolution Store, 16800 Beach Blvd. Hosted by HB Mazda - preview their new showroom; HB Magazine - hosting some great networking; and supporting the Relay for Life. rsvp by 4/25 to See Flyer for mixer in the calendar section of

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hyatt in Huntington Beach opens new water park

The Hyatt Regency on Pacific Coast Highway in downtown Surf City will open its new $4 million miniature water park Wednesday.
The new pool is the first of its kind in Orange County and Los Angeles and has three water slides, a children's wading pool, a Jacuzzi, fire pits, and restaurant and bar, General Manager Cheryl Phelps said. The water park takes the place of a tennis court area that is at the southern part of the hotel near Beach Boulevard.
The water park will be marketed toward families with children, and the resort's main pool is being re-themed to provide more of an adult, upscale atmosphere.

(From Orange County Register <- Read full story)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A great boutique to check out. Huntington Beach locals love them!

Glory M'Lou's Boutique is located at 11110 Los Alamitos Blvd. #103 in Los Alamitos (right over the HB border. easy to get to!). 562-431-7509 to get a hold of them. Even though they are in Los Al, they are only a hop away. They like to say: "Never walk into a room - make an entrance!" They carry beautiful, glitzy, glamorous resort, smart casual, and evening wear. Fashions that make a statement. Travel with style and grace. They have one of a kind items to complete your look from hats to shoes to handbags and jewelry. Personalized service will make you feel special as well as look special. Glory M'Lou's also specializes in fashion shows and in house parties. The fashion shows are renowned for their fun and lovely fashions. Many women's clubs and charity events use Glory M'Lou's as they know the event will be fun and have an upbeat commentator, as well as glamorous fashion! Call Glory or Carmen to set up your next event. Also enjoy the once a month in-store party with lunch and wine where you can make new friends, have fun, and check out the new fashions.

Monday, March 16, 2009

eat great food and raise money for charity at the same time in Huntington Beach

Yes, it is time to satisfy those taste buds and help charity at the same time! (if links don't work, just do a cut and paste!)

Coming up early next month (Sunday, April 5) you can enjoy an all you can eat crabfest, hosted by the Huntington Beach Lions Club, and benefits the various charities the Lion's Club supports. The fest includes all you can eat crab, bread, salad and clam chowder. It is only $40 per person and worth every penny. I went last year (and will be there again this year), and it was delicious as well as very fun. There will also be a silent auction and entertainment! Tickets are presale only (deadline March 22) and the rsvp form can be found at: . The location this year is Old World German Restaurant, 7561 Center Ave., and the doors open at 4:30. Don't miss out on this one!

Also in April is the Taste of Huntington Beach - another one not to miss!! The date is Sunday, April 26, 12 noon to 4:00 pm. This event features Huntington Beach's finest cuisine prepared by restaurant chefs, and paired with premium wines and brews! This event benefits the Children's Wing of the Huntington Beach Library as well as Project Self Sufficiency. The location is the Sports Complex at 7111 Talbert (at Goldenwest). The cost is $52 per person, again very well worth it - I'll be there with all my friends! But tickets on line at:

Side note…. Have you all been to Flight Bistro and Social Lounge yet? If not, how come? Located at 8082 Adams (at Beach), they have a beautifully decorated location with tasty food and a fun bar. There is always something going on,,, and you can check it all out at . Give them a visit,,, tell them TheLocalHB sent you over.. and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Strongest Man Competetion visits Huntington Beach

From Orange County Register
Huntington Beach became Muscle Beach on Saturday, the salt air in a seaside parking lot tinged with notes of sweat and testosterone as dozens of bulky beefcakes pumped unholy amounts of iron – as well as stones, tires and a U-Haul truck – in hopes of being named Southern California's Strongest Man. Read full story

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Surf City steakhouse and Huntington Beach try to come to terms

By ANNIE BURRIS of The Orange County Register
The owner of the Black Bull Chop House and city officials are getting closer to finding middle ground after months of debate over complaints about intoxicated patrons, assaults and overcrowding.
The Planning Commission on Tuesday will reconsider the permits that allow the downtown steakhouse to sell alcohol and have music, a disc jockey, dancing and a popular mechanical bull ride. Read full story HERE.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Things to do with your dog in Huntington Beach CA

Thanks to Angela Fuller ( for this info.
There are many neighborhood parks in and around Huntington Beach, however, the two favorite standouts for for locals are Dog Beach & Central Park. Like so many of my neighbors, these are the two spots I hang out with most often with my favorite girl (she's a golden retriever). To read all the suggestions, read the article HERE.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fire Fighters to honor one of their own in Surf City Marathon

About 2,600 runners are expected for Sunday's 13th annual Surf City USA Marathon in Huntington Beach. Among them will be firefighters from the Newport Beach Fire Department, who will be running in the memory of a fallen comrade.
Captain Jeff Boyles and his fellow Newport Beach firefighters have been training for the hoping to honor former firefighter.
"When Kevin died he was 31-years-old, and that had an impact," said Capt. Boyles. "We're not immortal and life does pass you by pretty quickly if you don't stop and look around."
Real full story HERE.