Monday, November 09, 2009

Hey Huntington Beach, Here are Some Tips and Tricks for Advanced Surfers

To put matters into perspective, California is to surfing what the Himalayas are to mountain climbing. Indeed, California, which is located along the beautiful southwest coastline of the United States, is the de facto home of surfing in respect to the sport`s global commercialisation and growing popularity. As the most populous, fashionable and third largest state in the US, California is a major destination for all kinds of people from all over the world. However, the so-called `Golden State` is most commonly regarded as a surfing mecca by hundreds of thousands of dedicated surfers who make their way to the state on a regular basis. Renowned for its golden sands, regular hot sunshine, beautiful people and challenging swells, California is a true haven for surfers.

As might be expected of such a popular surfing destination, California is home to some of the world`s finest surfing spots. Surfrider Beach in Malibu, for instance, is notable for its exceptional waves that can be ridden for almost half a mile in perfect conditions. Furthermore, Surfrider Beach is home to a large community of muscular male surfers, model-hot females, A-list Hollywood stars and a handful of hardened professional surfers. In short, Surfrider Beach is a little on the crowded side but nonetheless thoroughly entertaining. By contrast, San Onofre State Beach is one of the most friendly surfing destinations in California for beginners. Moreover, its easy-breaking waves are a delight for novice surfers, who will also appreciate the renowned party atmosphere that precludes the otherwise ubiquitous `locals only` mentality.

Although there are many other top surfing destinations in California that are suitable for both beginners and advanced professional surfers, the Golden State does demand a certain level of quality in respect to aesthetic appearance and physical grace. Indeed, the body beautiful is a default standard for beach-bound Californians and it is also essential that every aspect of a surfer`s ability to ride the waves looks good too. Therefore, learning a few tips and tricks for advanced surfers is likely to impress even the most hardened of spectating Californians.

Hitting the lip is one of the first moves that will be performed on a short board and it basically involves accelerating up the face of a wave before hitting its lip and then surfing back down. This move can look more impressive than it actually is but is also a great deal of fun to perform. The frontside roundhouse, frontside bottom turn, frontside snap, backside roundhouse, cutback, floaters and the layback snap are all other examples of tricks for advanced surfers.

However, it is important not to rush straight into any such tricks without first observing other professional surfers and taking qualified professional instruction. Indeed, surfing remains a dangerous outdoor adventure activity that must be undertaken with great care and skill. Furthermore, it is necessary to wear appropriate gear, clothing and equipment on any surfing adventure, which will include items of safety such as a concealed pocket knife. Surfing in such a fashionable and highly populated area as California also requires suitable clothing to be worn when not on the waves, such as items from the popular animal surf range.

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