Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tip of the Day for HB locals

Tip of the day: (to protect yourself from theft of your GPS): NEVER put in your actual address for "Home". Use a nearby commercial location (grocery store, etc.) because many cars have garage door openers in them and if the garage has a door leading into the house, it's usually unlocked! All it takes is one crooked valet or auto mechanic to take your car for a spin and pop by your house!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Request & Shout Out for Huntington Beach Folks

This entry is all about the request for help (which also gives you free business exposure) and the general shout out.
Let's do some shouting first... We all know summer is just around the corner and gas prices keep going up. With that, more and more people are considering a gas scooter or electric bicycle for transportation because they are inexpensive to own and operate. If you replace all your short trips to the local coffee joint, your favorite restaurant, trips to the pier, etc. with a scooter or electric bicycle, they end up paying for themselves over time with the gas savings alone. You also have the benefit of being somewhat "green"! And you know I'm all about being green - if you haven't yet, check out one of my other sites: . It would be nice to catch up to Asia and Europe where scooters and electric bicycles have been an accepted form of transportation for a long time. And to top it off, scooters and bikes are just plain fun! And where in HB do you go to check them out? Of course that would be HB Scooters , 5960 Warner Ave. They have many different brands as well as a full service maintenance shop. Want more info? Call Dave at 714-840-8090 or visit .

Other ways to do some saving: visit for discounts on all kinds of products and services in Huntington Beach. Since the last update of the site, new on there are Sunset Gondola, Francisco's Auto Repair, Sexy Hair Extensions, EC Art Gallery, Arbonne International, La Casita Mexican Food, & Total Merchant Services. (and yes, HB Scooters can be found on the site as well). Of course don't forget to take advantage of the special offered by one of the site sponsors: Whatta Lotta Pizza ! Get their coupon right on the home page. Please visit the site, use the participating merchants, and save some money - all helps Huntington Beach. If you are a Huntington Beach business and not part of the program, get in touch with me, I'm helping the city with this site and it is free to have your discount on the site.

Now for the request for help part... Many of you know I am on the committee running the American Cancer Society Relay For Life here in HB ( ). This event is dear to my heart as I've lost too many close to me from cancer - as I'm sure many of you have. Here is a super simple way you can help us raise some money. On Feb 26 we are having our kick off party. We are looking for donated items that can be used in our opportunity drawing or silent auction (larger dollar value). If you'd like to make a donation, please contact me (714-231-4623 or ). I can provide you a letter with the tax ID# for your tax records. This also gives you a chance to get your business name out there to everyone in attendance. Nothing wrong with a little business promotion! We welcome anything from products to gift certificates. 100% of ticket sales is donated to the Relay. Last year we raised about $2500 at the kick off. We, of course, want to do even better this year. If you are interested in finding out more about the Relay or coming to our kick off, let me know and I can email you a flyer!
Phew,,, I think that is enough for this pass. More soon. Have a great (and hopefully dry) weekend.

Hey Huntington Beach, time to pack away some excess stuff?

Now that the holidays have come and gone, do you find it might be time to do some cleaning up? Maybe pack away some of that excess you've accumulated? Instead of the traditional storage units where you have to lug all that stuff to your unit yourself, what about using a portable storage solution? 1-800-PACK-RAT is here local in Huntington Beach (7391 Heil Ave. #103) and can drop off a storage unit to your house, you fill it and they'll take it away to store at their warehouse. Their warehouses are 100% secure & climate controlled and their transportation vehicles keeps your unit level at all times. How much easier can it get? Also keep them in mind if you are moving or remodeling and just need to put your stuff away temporarily. You can also have the unit left at your own home or business if you prefer. I've met most of the folks over there and they are very helpful and courteous. Give them a call, they'll be happy to show you around their facility. Their local number: 714-842-1982. I love these guys, so I had to give them a shout out!
Try to stay dry in this dismal weather!