Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Savings with Huntington Beach businesses

Once again, TheLocalHB.com is featured in the Clipper Magazine. And we offered coupon savings for several local businesses in town. If you didn't get your copy in the mail, you can check those coupons in the coupon section of the website. You will find savings for:

Slow Fish Sushi & Cal-Asian Cuisine
free appetizer

Sea Siam Thai Food
save 10% off your bill

HB Skin Spa
discounts on various services

AR Mobility Discounted Medical Supplies
5% off in-stock item

Golf Tec Golf Instruction
50% off swing evaluation

Cartridge World
$2 off purchase.

Check them out!!! Also Mark your calendars for Nov 2 for the holiday showcase put on by Erika's Catering. Free to attend with a canned food item.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Cab-i-Net cabinets in Huntington Beach

Why go to the big home improvement companies for your kitchen or bathroom remodel just to get lost in the shuffle or be disappointed in the installation? Cab-i-Net will leave you smiling instead. This smaller company can offer better customer service than the larger places! I've been to their showroom and they have beautiful products and can do a great job for you. I can't wait til we re-do our place! Check them out at their website or go by their location: 7151 Warner Ave. #D. 714-842-0920. Other business listings at www.thelocalhb.com.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Southern California Fires

You have to admit, we are pretty lucky here in Huntington Beach. Other than the smoke in the air (and some nasty Santa Ana winds), we did not have to endure what the residents of fire areas did. I'm sure there are pleny of us who have loved ones in the devestated areas. Our hearts go out to them. If you haven't seen all the photos out there of the damage, here are a sampling of photo clips. So very sad.

Tasty Italian in Huntington Beach

Enjoy Italian food? Try this out of the way little hole in the wall: Cafe Gazelle at 16041 Bolsa Chica (corner of Edinger) 846-2694. They have been open probably 4 months and we ventured in there for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. The fresh fish was delicious as was the pasta. It is a small place, nice intimate setting. Give them a try, I know we are looking forward to going back!

For a listing of all Huntington Beach restaurants, make sure to check out www.thelocalhb.com

Friday, October 26, 2007

New Sushi Restaurant in Huntington Beach at 5 Points

The Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting at a new sushi restaurant in Huntington Beach at 5 Points Plaza - Hashigo is the name and you won't be dissapointed if you go there! I've dined there a number of times already and it is consitently excellent. The sushi is fresh and cut right on the spot - where as some sushi restaurants pre-cut slices that sit in the chiller waiting to be ordered. Cutting on the spot keeps the fish fresher. The ambiance is very nice, has an upscale feeling to it, yet is casual enough to fit in to "Surf City". Stop by and tell Jimmy the owner hi. Tell him TheLocalHB sent you!

And for listings of all the restaurants in town (many with testimonials written in by locals), visit the DINING page.

Friday, October 12, 2007

7th Annual Orange County Music Awards

7th Annual Orange County Music Awards , 2008 are beginning their "Best Live Acoustic" and "Best Live Electric Band" Showcases, on October 23, 2007.
New venue and sponsor is: Hurricanes Bar and Grill
200 Main Street (Upstairs)
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
The Acoustic Showcases include artists vying for "Best Live Male", "Best Live Female" & "Best Live Acoustic Band" Performance, are held on Tuesday evenings. They begin at 8:00 PM. There is no cover charge, before 10:00 PM.
The Electric Showcases portray local bands who are competing for the title of "Best Live Electric Band" of Orange County, and unfurl on Thursday nights. Electric competition commences at 7:30 PM. There is no cover charge before 10:00 PM.
Competition will continue through February 28, 2008. Winners will be announced at The Grove of Anaheim, March 29, 2008.
Judges include Kathy Boag (CD Video Manufacturing), Carri Gallagher (The Galaxy), Becky Gold (OC Foto), Paul Gonzales (OCMA Veteran) & Debie Machen Griffith (Staff Pro).

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Coupon Savings in Huntington Beach

Check out coupons on TheLocalHB
Go to the
Coupons Section of the site - print out coupons and save money while supporting your local HB businesses.

Excellent Bamboo products in Huntington Beach at Creasian

As bamboo is rediscovered in Southeast Asian countries for its excellent elasticity, lightness, hardness, strength and beauty, it is being used more and more in modern and demanding construction. It is the building material that Asian architects are turning to not only for its traditional values but for its natural strength and eco-friendly renew ability.

At Creasian they are uniquely positioned to participate in this renaissance of bamboo construction and decoration. Their factories in Vietnam are situated at the heart of some of asia’s finest bamboo producing areas. Inspection of our product reveals consistent quality, strength and beauty. The showroom in Huntington Beach, California can provide off–the-shelf design elements or ideas for your own unique designs. Their factories in Vietnam stand ready to help you implement those designs. As it reappears on the American design scene, bamboo brings with it a newfound respect and popularity. Come to Creasian Bamboo to reconnect with bamboo and share in the excitement.

Visit Creasian at 5061 Warner Ave. And to read about other recommended local places, check out www.TheLocalHB.com

Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Sushi Restaurant in Huntington Beach

We have a new sushi restaurant in town: Hashigo - located in 5 Points Plaza (18685 Main St.). If I had to describe this place in one word it would be WOW. The freshest sushi/sashimi. Unbelievable entrees, including the rib eye steak which has a delicious sauce to accompany this high quality tender beef. The Atmosphere is elegant yet still HB comfortable. The staff is pleasant and once you've been there, you feel like an instant regular. I highly recommend you give them a try!
Make sure to check out the WEBSITE for other restaurants in town. TheLocalHB.com has what you want to know about Huntington Beach!