Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Happy week of Surfing here in HB everyone... Yep, it's that time of year, US Open of Surfing. I know many of you avoid downtown like the plague while others of you love the throngs of people and activities going on down on the sand this week. My no design of mine I'm one that cannot attend any of the festivities this week. Those of you who know me (or saw the post on Facebook), know I've been stuck at home last week and this to take care of my dog who had knee surgery. Putting her in a cage with a cone on her head was not an option - we tried... colossal disaster. so now she is in my sight at all time so she won't pull her staples out or try to get up and walk. Let's just say UGH. can't wait til this recovery is over. It is part of the excuse I have for not sending out an email in a few weeks. And her procedure leads me to the topic of this email.

I love the fact we are a dog friendly city and have a great dog park and our wonderful Dog Beach. Many of us know it has been a bit of a challenge to keep Dog Beach open since the organization that "mans" the beach and supplies poopy bags is run entirely on donations, but for 15 years they have managed to keep our beach open to the dogs. The challenge is now greater than ever and they are seriously in danger of being shut down due to the low amount of donations. You can help by reading the letter from them below and passing on the word. Make a donation if you are able. I shop at Ralphs and just hooked up my rewards card to dog beach so every time I make a purchase they get money!! you can do that too. Info is on their website. Pass this letter on to others,,, post it on your Facebook. Anything we can do to keep Dog Beach alive and well. (If you are not a dog lover and don't like dog beach, sorry for this email, but luckily HB has SO much beach area that there is space for everyone.). LETTER FROM DOG BEACH AT END OF THIS EMAIL.

One last thing while we are on the subject of dogs... you know about the Pups N Pinot wine/food tasting event I help put on? Well we are changing the name to Wags N Wine since it makes more sense - we raise money for Waggin' Trails Transport ( I bring this up because we have a new Facebook page for the Wags N Wine: Please go to the page and like it then hit share to your page so we can spread the word.

Thank you my HB friends for helping.

Letter from Dog Beach:
NOTICE FROM THE PRESERVATION SOCIETY OF HUNTINGTON DOG BEACH: We feel that it is important to keep our members informed of Dog Beach news, both good and bad. Unfortunately, we have suffered a severe decrease in donations this year; usually, the amounts secured during the busy summer months are enough to supplement the lean winter months, but that has not happened in 2012. At present, we are at risk of bankruptcy in 2-3 months; if that happens, the projection is that the city of Huntington Beach, which does not have the funds to support Dog Beach, will be compelled to prohibit dogs from the beach (the cost of supplying doggie bags alone is more than the city can afford -- our organization provides all the bags used both at the beach and along Main Street).

Dog Beach has always operated on a shoe-string budget, and cutting costs in areas such as doggie bags, signage, insurance, etc., has already been done as much as possible. We are completely reliant on private donations, and we are asking those of you who are able to help to please do so. Many of you have already donated generously, and we thank you for that; we don't like having to ask for extra support,and we certainly don't ask unnecessarily...If you are able to help, please visit our website: and click on the "membership" link to make a donation and/or the "gifts" page to order Dog Beach merchandise In the coming weeks, we will need our members to pull together and make a concerted effort to get the word out that Dog Beach needs help. We also need to remind everyone to clean up after their dogs, to honor the boundaries at both ends of the beach, and to demonstrate to the city that we are taking our jobs as custodians of our wonderful beach seriously. Also, if anyone knows of any corporate sponsorship and/or grant opportunities, please let us know. And check our website and Facebook page for updates on this subject.