Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Operation Hugs & Kisses
Short notice, I know, but there's still time to get involved in the HB City-wide campaign to send a valentine to the "Thundering Third" Marine division, based in Camp Pendleton.....also known as the 3/1 Marines. The 3/1 Marines were "officially adopted" by Huntington Beach a little over a year ago, to provide support in a variety of ways.....and this "Operation Hugs & Kisses" is easy for everyone to get involved.

This is to request you conduct your own efforts to get valentines in envelopes collected and delivered by February 6th. Cards can be made or purchased....but no larger than a standard card (please). In addition, if you would like to send a customized candy bar (being purchased to give w/the Valentines) - you can add a check for $2.50 each with your Valentine (made payable to the HB 3/1 Marines Foundation.

Address the valentines to "Dear Marine"....or ..."To a Special Marine".....
Cards need to be delivered to "Mailbox Express" - at the Newland Center at Beach & Adams by end of the day - Tuesday, Feb. 6th. You can also deliver them to the office of Pat Rogers (contact info below), and she will take them to Mailbox Express Tues., afternoon.

Contact for this project:
Pat Rogers, SCMD
Marketing Director
Bella Terra, Huntington Beach
7777 Edinger Avenue, Suite 133 Huntington Beach, CA 92647
714 897 2534 Tel 714-894-7686 Fax

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Post submitted by a HB local

On The Local HB website, there are several locations where people can submit comments. Below is one of the recent comments posted to the site.
See you around the HB
Your HB Local

Dear Ms. Local HB,

At quite an expense, the American Legion Post 113 erected three flagpoles in the Promenade area of the HB Pier. My husband and I walk there EVERY DAY...

For the past few months, NONE of the four flags that are SUPPOSED to be flying ARE flying. This is a direct 'slap' to every Veteran who has served our country, not to mention our Citizens who cherish - and find comfort - in the flying of these flags.

In the past, the four flags - our USA flag, the flag of California, the city flag and our POW flag waved gently in the wind... Many times we watched people watching the flags - smiling - taking photographs - and seeing their PRIDE as they looked at the flags. It is a symbol of unity that all of us so badly need right now.

We understand too that the flags were donated by the American Legion - so why does the City NOT make an effort to keep these flags flying?

Thank you!

Barb & Bob Donohue
PROUD Citizens of Huntington Beach, the State of California, the United States of America and the daughter of a POW

Monday, January 29, 2007

Discounts for Locals!

As you’ve probably seen on the website, there is a “locals card” offering discounts at various downtown locations. Beginning at the start of 2007, you will find the below participants: (Present your card at their location to receive your discount)

Grange & Associates - Top producing, professional real estate advisors and agents.
$500 credit towards buyer or seller real estate closing costs
19440 Goldenwest (Star Real Estate)
Eden Salon & Spa - Relax and unwind at this Aveda Concept salon with spa amenities.
10% off all services and products
18585 Beach Bl. (between Main & Ellis). 847.0916
NO KA OI – Hawaiian cuisine and posh meets flip-flops at this esteemed HB eatery. Daily $6 Chicken Nacho special and 25% off food on Tuesday “Locals Night”
215 Main St. 714-960-8300
CHIMAYO AT THE BEACH – A delicious array of Coastal Seafood with amazing ocean views. 20% off food every night
315 Pacific Coast Hwy 714-374-7273
LUGGATTI’S ITALIAN GRILL Offering a wonderful blend of traditional Italian cuisine and some all American favorites! 20% off food on Tuesdays “Locals Night” (excluding alcohol)
210 West 5th St. 714-536-8846
HB BEER COMPANY - Huntington’s finest brewpub, loaded with flat screen TV's! 20% off food and beverage (Monday-Thursday only)
201 Main Street - 714-960-5343
LAVENDER MEMORY FLOWERS & GIFTS – The finest floral arrangements and gifts for any occasion! 20% off all products and services
18021 Beach Blvd - 1-800-409-8977
JACKS SURFBOARDS - The icon of surf retailing since 1957! 15% off non-sale clothing
101 Main St.- 1-888-99-JACK
PIERSIDE GALLERY - Fine art gallery and local framing specialists! 20% off Custom Framing
300 PCH - 800-959-7979
CULT INDUSTRIES – Cutting-edge Surf wear company, direct from Australia! 15% off apparel
328 Main Street - 714 960 5500
SUSHI on FIRE – Serving H301 Main Street - 714-374-8885untington’s tastiest sushi in a swank, modern setting! Complimentary Crunchy Roll “A” with food orders over $20

The program officially begins just after the New Year. A 2007 card can be mailed at that time. If you or your friends may want a card, please email their name and address to:
Kevin Grange —