Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Operation Hugs & Kisses
Short notice, I know, but there's still time to get involved in the HB City-wide campaign to send a valentine to the "Thundering Third" Marine division, based in Camp Pendleton.....also known as the 3/1 Marines. The 3/1 Marines were "officially adopted" by Huntington Beach a little over a year ago, to provide support in a variety of ways.....and this "Operation Hugs & Kisses" is easy for everyone to get involved.

This is to request you conduct your own efforts to get valentines in envelopes collected and delivered by February 6th. Cards can be made or purchased....but no larger than a standard card (please). In addition, if you would like to send a customized candy bar (being purchased to give w/the Valentines) - you can add a check for $2.50 each with your Valentine (made payable to the HB 3/1 Marines Foundation.

Address the valentines to "Dear Marine"....or ..."To a Special Marine".....
Cards need to be delivered to "Mailbox Express" - at the Newland Center at Beach & Adams by end of the day - Tuesday, Feb. 6th. You can also deliver them to the office of Pat Rogers (contact info below), and she will take them to Mailbox Express Tues., afternoon.

Contact for this project:
Pat Rogers, SCMD
Marketing Director
Bella Terra, Huntington Beach
7777 Edinger Avenue, Suite 133 Huntington Beach, CA 92647
714 897 2534 Tel 714-894-7686 Fax

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