Saturday, October 06, 2007

Excellent Bamboo products in Huntington Beach at Creasian

As bamboo is rediscovered in Southeast Asian countries for its excellent elasticity, lightness, hardness, strength and beauty, it is being used more and more in modern and demanding construction. It is the building material that Asian architects are turning to not only for its traditional values but for its natural strength and eco-friendly renew ability.

At Creasian they are uniquely positioned to participate in this renaissance of bamboo construction and decoration. Their factories in Vietnam are situated at the heart of some of asia’s finest bamboo producing areas. Inspection of our product reveals consistent quality, strength and beauty. The showroom in Huntington Beach, California can provide off–the-shelf design elements or ideas for your own unique designs. Their factories in Vietnam stand ready to help you implement those designs. As it reappears on the American design scene, bamboo brings with it a newfound respect and popularity. Come to Creasian Bamboo to reconnect with bamboo and share in the excitement.

Visit Creasian at 5061 Warner Ave. And to read about other recommended local places, check out

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