Friday, August 06, 2010

US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach - on now!

Have you ventured to down town yet to see the US Open of Surfing? The week started off with manageable crowds, but this weekend is going to be crazy! I was down there today and couldn't believe all the people. Got some great shots of the surfers though - that is when there was a wave to catch! The details of the competition are on my calendar page. check it out. If you are going to brave the crowds, you might want to take the free shuttle from City Hall (details also on the calendar page).

While downtown, one of the fun attractions we now have is the GW Segway Tours ...right at 300 PCH you'll find them (across from the Pier). You can't get in much more fun than being on the beach riding a segway. Want more details? Check it out HERE . They have all kinds of package deals and you can take advantage of a two for one discount at , under the Leisure/Fun category. I've done the tour... and I'm not kidding, riding those segways on the sand is SO fun. See it in action on this video.

Finally, if you plan on going downtown and anticipate a lot of walking, let me recommend a shoe store store that can't be beat to make your feet feel incredible! It's called Foot Solutions , and they offer shoes, inserts, and other foot care products for work, dress or play. They are located at 1811 Xemino in Long Beach - yes it is across the "border" from us, but there is no place in HB like it, and they are great! I've talked to so many folks wearing their shoes and they swear by them! I made sure to check them out myself and I totally agree! You can also give them a call at 562-961-3200,,,tell them TheLocalHB sent you.

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