Friday, December 03, 2010

new additions to the Surf City Savings Discount Program in Huntington Beach

Hi all, It's been pretty busy for the Surf City Savings Discount Program - merchants have been anxious to sign up. Since the last notification of current sign-ups, we now have with us:
Hyatt Regency down on PCH - special discounted good neighbor rate (get those pesky family members from out of town out of your house and into a hotel!)
Caffe Gazelle - discount on bill or free desert (why cook when you can eat out!)
Burtucci's New York Pizza - 4 different specials offered (again, why cook!) - get a discount when you call in your order (why send flowers when you can send a cake to a loved one!)
Cross Fit School of Elite Fitness - complimentary introductory session (don't wait til a New Year's resolution to get in shape, start now!)
Five Star Pool Management - discount on monthly service (keep that pool sparkling, why mess with it yourself!)
Sandyle Kids & Baby Boutique - discount on purchase (do your holiday shopping for the kiddies, plus they have free Santa photos this month!)
American Nails & Spa - discounts on all their services (they do a great job on your nails...I should know, it's where I go!)
Affinity & Co Jewelers - discount on purchase (can't go wrong with your holiday shopping here, beautiful jewelry!)
Endless Food & Fun - free lazer tag (when you're done with all that shopping, treat yourself to some fun!)

Of course there are MANY more great discounts to be had in the Surf City Savings Discount Program, you should visit the site and check them out - take advantage of all the savings for your holiday needs!

Happy Holidays to all,

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Very cool thanks for the post!