Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. Don't forget to fly your American flag tomorrow for Memorial Day! If you don't have a flag, make sure to get one before 4th of July - Pageantry World here in Huntington Beach is the one to help you with that. See all they have to offer on their website: Actually, flying the flag daily is their goal for everyone. When you check their site, you will see they also offer all kind so flags and banners! There are also a couple of Memorial Day celebrations here in HB, read about them on TheLocalHB calendar .

In this coming week, we have another RBN Business Expo - Thursday, June 2. 5pm-8pm at the DoubleTree in Orange (100 The City Drive South). $20 at the door to attend includes parking, food & lots of networking. Attending will be Chambers of Commerce, business owners, other networking groups & associations, employers and job seekers. No rsvp needed, just show up. More info: RBN EXPO . This is a great networking event, not to be missed.

A lot of you know I chose to go the child free route, but for those of you who do have kids, a friend of mine, Keith O'Neil has developed a system to help your kids build healthy self-esteem. Keith, who is a ph.D, has written a book of the subject, 7 Simple Strategies to Raising an S-Team® Kid . Coach Keith has created a complete system that parents are saying is easy, fun and it works! His website is, where you can get more info on his program. To quote Keith, "I wish I could give every kid in the world healthy self-esteem, but I can't. So I've done the next best thing, given parents the tools to do the job right". Pass the word on to parents you know - good self esteem beats bullying every time!

Enjoy the long weekend

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