Friday, August 05, 2011

End of US Surf Open in Huntington Beach is this weekend

Happy end of the week everyone. Did you make it downtown this week? If you did, pretty crazy busy wasn't it? The US Surf Open comes to a close this Sunday, so things will soon be back to normal summer craziness.

If any of you have a local event you'd like placed on the calendar, please let me know and I'd be happy to include it for you! Calendar found at And if you are in to saving money, visit for all kinds of discounts from local businesses! New businesses are being added all the time. This is something the city does to help keep our spending dollars local.

Now on to a personal favor for TheLocalHB. Many of you know about the annual Halloween party I throw every year. Well for the past few years it has been held in Long Beach because I have not found a place locally to accommodate it. I am now searching for a local place. I usually have between 250 & 300 people, I want to scale it down to a smaller size of 150-200, and mostly I want it moved because it is well overdue to bring it back to Huntington Beach!! This would also allow me to include more of you guys, all my local peeps! This is where I could use your help. Ideas for a location???? Old World has been suggested, but Oktoberfest runs til Nov 1 so that is not an option. Hotel ballrooms nor really an option - I do a lot of decorating and need more than one to day to put together, plus one big square room doesn't lend itself to atmosphere. The best places are closed down retail spots (large enough to hold approx 150+ people, live band, dancing, etc). I've used closed down restaurants before too, if they are big enough. Industrial businesses that have a lot of space that don't mind some decorations for a temporary time work too! I've always been able to find a place where there is a connection with the business owner who have let me use the space for either no or very low cost. I bring in a cleaning crew afterwards and they get the place back cleaner than when I "took it over". I have been doing the party for over 23 years and would hate to not do it this year (I just can't afford to do it in Long Beach anymore either)….so, again, any ideas??? I'm hoping one of my local friends will have some brilliant suggestion for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Finally, a bit of business: mark your calendars for next Tuesday the 9th for the monthly RBN networking lunch at SeaCliff County Club, 6501 Palm Ave. This event is always well attended and it gives you a chance to meet new businesses! The lunch runs from 11am to 1:30pm. They are expecting a great turnout - come early and stay late to make the most of the networking opportunities. And feel free to bring a guest! All inclusive admission is $25 for RBN members & $35 for non members, a great deal for getting exposure to nearly 100 fellow businesses folk. More info: I'll be there - will I see you there?

Have a great weekend

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