Friday, September 28, 2007

Rescued Dog gets great home!

Thank you to The Orange County Register for this great story. I just had to post it for others to read.

Rescued dog gets ready to go home
HUNTINGTON BEACH 'He's so cute,' the 6-year-old boy exclaimed as he first caught of the sprightly, white Pekingese-Chihuahua mix licking and playing with the people who rescued him.
The Westminster Animal Control officers who found the dog about three months ago in a local Dumpster - his limbs and muzzle bound tightly in Zip-ties -- called him Mr. Lucky.
“He really was lucky to be alive,” said Karen Pickl, senior animal control officer.
Thursday, Lucky hit the jackpot when Ben and Sandra Frascona came with their two boys, Jonathan, 8, and William, 6, to take Lucky back to their 3-acre ranch in Aguanga, Riverside. There, the dog, who is now full of life and has learned to trust human beings again, will run free with two other dachshunds, pot-bellied pigs, horses, cats and chickens.
Ben Frascona, a Los Angeles County firefighter, said adopting Lucky was his wife’s idea. Sandra Frascona, whose husband calls her Dr. Doolittle, said the television footage of Lucky shown with his sad face, big eyes and bloodied ankles tugged at her heart strings.
“He’s lucky to have been rescued,” she said. “But we’re lucky to have him.”
The family recently put down their long-time pet, a Lab, which was hard on all of them, Ben Frascona said.
More than 200 people called the city after Lucky’s story was publicized, but only 20 families remained in the end. Pickl said the Frasconas were chosen because they had two young children who would love and play with this high-energy dog.
On Thursday, Pickl wiped away tears as she tried to say goodbye to the dog who would “go nuts” when her car pulled up near the shelter.
“It’s hard to let go,” she said. “But I’m very happy that this story has a happy ending. Lucky deserves this happiness after what he has been through.”
Lucky was first a little tentative as Jonathan tried to pet him. But soon, he started to lick William’s Spiderman shoes and rushed at Jonathan to be petted.
“Aw, I love his bushy tail and bended ears,” Jonathan gushed.
Pickl said she did not expect Lucky to recover completely.
“A lot of animals who go through what he’s been through tend to lose trust in people altogether,” she said. “But Lucky has done a 360 and miraculously recovered physically and emotionally.”
Officers have no leads on Lucky’s tormentor, Pickl said.
As for the name, Frascona said they thought about it during their drive to Huntington Beach.
“We’re going to keep his name Lucky,” he said. “It’s perfect.”

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Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Blessings and thanks to the people who saved this little pooch. I will never understand how some people can abuse animals. My own Shetland sheepdogs are the love of my days. With grown kids gone off on their own adventures, my little furry kids provide all the adventure, love and kindness anyone could hope for. We can all take a lesson from the way they love us unconditionally with all the devotion, care and loyalty in the world! Everyone, please be kind to animals!