Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Travel to Huntington Beach

Don't forget to take advantage of all TheLocalHB.com has to offer! When you visit Huntington Beach, you can read all about what to do while in town. Find out which resaurants the locals recommend for dining. See the current calendar for what is going on in town. Make your hotel reservations right on this site (you can even call in to talk to a live person!). Your hotel, car, attraction rates are discounted 20% - 50% and you can feel good about using a local reservation system instead of one of those large internet reservation systems where you are just another number lost in the swarm...
Check out the site now and find out 'where the locals go' in Huntington Beach!

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Debo Hobo said...

California is a really nice place to vacation. Way too expensive to live. I have only been to San Diego to visit my son who is in the Navy, I really enjoyed being around the water. Here in TExas we are totally land locked except for the man-made lake that are full of standing trees just under the surface, which makes for very interesting boating.

I found you through the new BlogRush widget on my blog in the sidebar. You should come and get one. It’s free!