Monday, December 03, 2007

Builder will add decals on glass wall to help birds

From the OC Register:
Hearthside Homes plans to put special decals on a 6-foot-tall wall surrounding the Brightwater development to keep birds from flying into the glass, officials said today.
The decals are expected to reflect ultraviolet light in such a way that can be seen by birds but remain nearly invisible to humans, said Ed Mountford, senior vice president of Hearthside Homes.
Environmentalists and state officials asked Hearthside to take action earlier this month after at least a dozen birds – including a raptor, meadowlark, yellow rumped warbler and Anna's hummingbird -- were found dead along what they call "the wall of death" in the Bolsa Chica Mesa.
Hearthside ordered 1,500 stickers to be placed on the 4,400-foot-long wall. The decals are expected to be rain resistant and last for up to 18 months, Mountford said.

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