Friday, September 17, 2010

Lots of stuff to do in Huntington Beach this weekend

So, are we going to be seeing you all down at the Green Expo this Saturday? We are expecting a big crowd down at the pier - 10am to 4pm. Plus live music the during the event! Check out the vendors who will be present at . Also going on this weekend is the Walk 4 Water at 8:30am down at Beach & PCH; the Pacific Islander Festival both Saturday & Sunday behind Central Library - of course you want to wait to go to that one on Sunday since you'll be at the Green Expo on Saturday! :-)
you will also find a couple of good events a little north of us (Sunset Beach/Seal Beach): Walk for the Beach & a Chili Cook-off. Sunday also has, here ih HB, the Surf City Dog Contest, Scooter/Electric Bike Meetup, Chefs for Scholarships, Dachshund Races (with Oktoberfest), and more. And you know where you can get all the details for these events don't you? calendar section . Have fun this weekend, there is plenty to do!

Now let me tell you about a fairly new service here in will be useful for you if you use propane tanks in your home or business,,, you know for that outdoor heater or BBQ: HB Propane ( ) has a service that will come to you! I used them for the first time earlier this week, and what a great service they have. Instead of dragging those empty tanks to a place to fill, they come to you. Free! For $14.99 (plus tax per tank) they will come to your place, take away the empty tank/tanks and leave full ones. You are paying pretty much the same price (possibly less) as taking them somewhere to fill or switch out. Visit their website or give them a call: 714-375-5701 / 24 hour: 714-709-3073. By the way, the also rent heaters if you find yourself in need of one.

So now that you have that filled and ready to go heater, you know what you need to go with it?? How about a new home! Pick one up while the prices are still so low. For some help with that, one fellow I like to recommend is Ray Peckham . He has been a realtor since 1972 and really knows his stuff, as well as having won many awards. You can reach him at 714-915-9520 or . If you are in the market at all, it is worth getting in contact with him. His website is - you can read all about him there.

Have a great weekend and visit to download some coupons to save you some money while you are out and about.

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