Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy New Year Huntington Beach locals!

Happy New Year Huntington Beach locals. Here's to wishing you the very best for 2011. Hopefully it will be a great year for all of us.

So, let me ask you this, are you ready to break the New Year's resolution yet? I mean the one on cutting back food intake! Well, here is your chance. Tommy Pastrami is holding a pastrami eating contest! Here is the excerpt from their press release:

Tommy Pastrami New York Delicatessen is excited to announce the first promotion of its kind; a "Pastrami Eating" Competition.
The eight, fastest contestants at each store will "face-off" with one another on National Pastrami Day, January 14, 2011.
The top two finalist of each store will receive a Tommy Pastrami gift certificate; (Second Place $25.00 and First Place $50.00) and move forward to compete in the Tommy Pastrami Tri County Pastrami Competition. The event will be held in Huntington Beach, at Tommy Pastrami New York Delicatessen (18001 Beach Blvd) on Sunday, January 30, 2011 at 1 pm.
The twelve final contestants will compete to devour Tommy Pastrami New York Delicatessen's "Biggest Pastrami Sandwich" within thirty minutes. The person who eats the entire sandwich in the fastest time period will receive $500.00 and the bragging rights for the entire 2011 year.
Come out and help us celebrate. We invite everyone to attend The First Official Tommy Pastrami New York Delicatessen "Pastrami Wars."
Are you up to the challenge? Contact your local store for the details.

How yummy is that? And tummy filling too! Call our local location for more info: (714) 848-4567.

Have you ever been to the Huntington Beach Playhouse for one of their many wonderful shows? Make sure to make 2011 be the year you get over to Central Library (7111 Talbert Ave) to see a show. For those of you who are regulars, did you know about their new Wednesday night specials? Check out their site, , for the schedule. They have some great shows coming up, starting next week, including the Shenanigans comedy sketches & skits, Corporate Recess Players Improv, Meledramadness, and more. Dates and times are on their website, plus all the info about the rest of the plays coming up this season.
Again, all the best for a successful New Year

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