Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need a good Huntington Beach Orthopedic?

if you do, one place you can get real good care at is: Pacifica Orthopedics located at 18800 Delaware ST. Ste 1150 (their number: 714-841-5333)
Pacifica Orthopedics offers unique and comprehensive medical care specializing in general orthopedics, spine, hand & foot surgery, arthroscopy, chiropractic, neurology, physical therapy, psychology, pain management, rehabilitation medicine, and sports medicine.

Their digital imaging includes Ultrasound machine, Fluoroscopy, and Extremity MRI. All onsite. Doctors can see and explain results to you immediately, saving time and money. With on-site digital imaging there is no need to send you away for X-rays, only to have you bring back films. Digital X-ray, with instantaneous results provide a huge benefit for you and the doctor. Keep them in mind next time a need arrises!

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